Cutting edge industry-driven research projects

The CBI partners with leading Australian stakeholders in the biologics industry and aims to blend research excellence with industry partner experience and know-how.

The ARC Training Centre for Biopharmaceutical Innovation is a multi‑million dollar Australian Government initiative which aims to transform Australia’s growing biopharmaceutical industry


of new biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic agents

Discovery of new biopharmaceuticals and mAbbased reagents utilising innovative methodologies in therapeutic and diagnostic mAb discovery, as well as the development of platform technologies for mAb delivery to intracellular targets.


of mammalian cells as factories for protein

We are working on understanding cellular bottlenecks for production of therapeutic proteins and bypass those bottlenecks by modifying relevant cellular pathways, and engineering the therapeutic proteins for improved expression.

Advanced manufacturing

of biopharmaceuticals

Large-scale cell culture and downstream processing represent the greatest driver of cost of goods for biopharmaceuticals. We are working on process improvements to provide gains in product quality, yield and characterisation.


Ausbiotech Women in Science Luncheon

CBI Staff had an amazing time attending the first Ausbiotech Women in Science Luncheon in Brisbane with our industry partners Patheon Biologics. The annual Women in Life Sciences Luncheons, hosted by AusBiotech, fosters a supportive community for women who work in the life sciences and inspires women to pursue professional goals and build their own […]