Dr Xuan Bui


Dr Bui’s Ph.D thesis project was focused on the interaction between bacterial food-borne pathogens and host cells. And then, Xuan spent three years at Osaka University working as a postdoctoral research fellow, where he worked with bacterial effector proteins that can build functional networks and can be finely turned over time according the stages of infection. He applied a cutting-edge combination of microbial genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, and animal models to explore how bacterial effector proteins manipulate host cells during infection.
Before joining CBI, Xuan worked at Stephen Sanig Research Institute (SSRI), where worked on development of monoclonal antibodies for various cancers. He successfully developed and designed a new platform to express high levels of monoclonal antibodies in in vitro system at SSRI.  Xuan possesses advanced practical and technical knowledge, experience and skills coupled with a passion for the therapeutic innovation research areas, especially discovery of novel drugs and monoclonal antibodies, aiming to build for his successful research at CBI.


Ph.D in Molecular Microbiology, Technical University of Denmark.