Investigating differential expression of antibodies and coagulation factors at the level of cellular processing

This project will investigate and compare the differential expression of different classes of proteins, namely antibodies and coagulation factors. Expression of antibodies is well characterised, with consistent yields of 3 g/L or better in optimised conditions. Commercial production of antibodies is therefore a fairly generic process. Conversely, coagulation factors are extremely difficult to express at high levels and each factor represents a unique manufacturing challenge. The project seeks to understand what cell machinery / processing mechanisms create the bottlenecks in production of recombinant coagulation factors. 9, 10 The project will involve metabolomic analysis, as well as protein and cell engineering. A successful outcome to this project will lead to yield improvements for the commercial production of recombinant coagulation factors (and potentially other therapeutic proteins), resulting in improved productivity and reduced manufacturing costs.

Project Leader Dr Benjamin Schulz
Associate investigator Dr Esteban Marcellin
Postdoc Dr Lucia Zacchi
PhD Student Aiden Beauglehole
Industry Partner CSL