Antibodies against Intracellular Targets

Intracellular processes including protein transport, transcription and signalling present a range of new potential targets that could have application in the treatment of a variety of disease indications. The screening of chemical libraries for binders to intracellular targets has had limited success due to (i) the relative lack of binding clefts and hydrophobic pockets compared to those located on cell surface proteins and (ii) the small “footprint” to which a small molecule can bind on an extensive protein surface interface. As an alternative, antibody fragments are being explored as molecular entities that are capable of disrupting protein-protein interactions within the cell, traditionally thought to be undruggable.5 This project will investigate strategies for intracellular delivery of antibodies and antibody fragments, along with assessing the resulting impact on cellular processes. An antibody against the transcription factor SOX18 (created at AIBN and IMB) will be used as the initial model system for intracellular antibody delivery. A successful outcome of this project will be the establishment of platform technology for the delivery of antibody fragments to intracellular targets.


Project Team
Project Leader Dr Mathias Francois
Associate Investigator Dr Martina Jones
Associatee Investigator Dr Christopher Howard
Associate Investigator Prof Steve Mahler
Postdoc Dr Christian Fercher
PhD Student William Bramley
Industry Partner CSL