Cell line development for high cell density culture

The Patheon process for high density cell culture (Patheon XD® Upstream Processing (USP) technology) can result in up to a 25 fold increase in bioreactor output (cell density). CHO cell lines can be engineered to deliver maximal performance and productivity. The proprietary Patheon XD® USP bioprocess may be improved for suitability to high density culture, by engineering CHO cell lines with acquired properties that favour high density. In this project, development of a cell line(s) optimised for high density cell culture, utilising CRISPR and other cell line engineering techniques, will be investigated.


Lead investigator Dr Esteban Marcellin
Associate Investigator Prof Peter Gray
Associate Investigator Dr Cristiana Dal’Molin
Postdoc Dr Veronica Martinez Salazar
PhD Student Michael MacDonald
Industry Partner Patheon; PI, Shave (Patheon)