Engineering and production of recombinant proteins with appropriate glycostructures for early in vivo studies

The majority of proteins generated by the Recombinant Protein Group within CSL to date for in vivo use are mAbs that are not dependent on post-translational modifications for activity. However, CSL now has several projects that are not antibody-focussed and require the generation of complex proteins, including FVII-HSA, FVIII, AAT and C1Inhibitor. The correct glycosylation and, in particular, sialylation of these recombinant therapeutic proteins are important for in vivo animal studies, as glycostructures can influence the pharmacokinetics and immunogenicity of the protein.11 The project aims to understand the effect of host cell line, manipulation of enzymes in the protein glycosylation pathway and culture conditions on glycostructures in recombinant therapeutic proteins. The project will also compare proteins expressed in the Wave Bioreactor to those in a stirred tank bioreactor, with respect to posttranslational modifications and quality.

Project Leader Dr Benjamin Schulz
Associate Investigator Dr Christopher Howard
Postdoc Dr Lucia Zacchi
PhD Student Ruby Pelingon
Industry Partner CSL