Examining metabolic demands for continuous bioprocessing – omics data

The increasing demand for recombinant therapeutic proteins highlights the need to constantly improve the efficiency and yield of these biopharmaceutical products from mammalian cells, which is fully achievable only through proper understanding of cellular functioning. Towards this end, the current study exploited a combined metabolomics and in silico modelling approach to gain a deeper insight into the cellular mechanisms of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) for high density cultures.

The Patheon process for high density cell culture (Patheon XD® Upstream Processing (USP) technology) can result in up to a 25 fold increase in bioreactor output (cell density). The proprietary Patheon XD® USP bioprocess may be further improved, if a systems biology driven understanding of the fermentation process is achieved. Understanding of the byproducts and metabolites produced, that favour high density will be used to generate an optimised bioprocesses.

Lead investigator  Dr Esteban Marcellin Saldana
Associate investigator Dr Cristiana Dal’Molin
Postdoc Dr Veronica Martinez Salazar
Phd Student Craig Barry
Industry Partner
Patheon; PI, Crowley (Patheon)