Membrane-based separations for biopharmaceutical purification

Membrane-based systems have utility within a number of unit bioprocesses, and in purification offer some advantages over chromatography including overcoming solute diffusion limitations. Membrane chromatography can be used for purification of mAbs and other biomolecules. In membrane chromatography, the ligand, for example Protein A, is covalently attached to a membrane of regenerated cellulose. The pore size of the membranes is larger than those of chromatography beads enabling capture and polishing at much higher flow rates. This project will investigate integration of these technologies into biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes utilising model biopharmaceuticals.

Lead investigator  Associate Professor Linda Lua
Associate Investigator Dr Christopher Howard
Postdoc Dr Gary Shooter
PhD Student Sathish Nadar
Industry Partner GE and Patheon joint project; PIs, O’Meara (GE), Shave (Patheon).