Mr Craig Barry

PROJECT: Examining metabolic demands for continuous bioprocessing – omics data

Craig attained bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering (Hons) and Bioprocess technology (Hons, Class I) from the University of Queensland. Craig worked as an undergraduate engineer at Synergen Met’s modular cyanide plant, where he gained experience in dynamic modelling, design, and operation of process equipment. With a keen interest for systems modelling, he undertook an honours thesis in modelling complex biological systems within the context of bioprocess optimization. In collaboration with Zoetis, a global leader in veterinary medicines, and under the supervision of Dr Esteban Marcellin, Craig used high resolution ‘omics data in conjunction with a metabolic model to compute new hypotheses for cell line optimisation.

Inspired by the fine-tuned internal chaos of biological cells, Craig seeks to understand and probe the mechanisms of life and programmed cell death (apoptosis) in engineered mammalian cell lines. By developing computational models and using cutting edge methods in mass spectrometry he has partnered with Patheon (part of Thermofisher) in a PhD project which works toward enhancing the robustness of biologics-producing cell lines.


Bachelors degrees in Chemical Engineering (Hons) and Bioprocess Technology (Hons, Class 1), University of Queensland